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Known for his elaborate chip tricks, Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari has also got a knack for pulling bunnies out of his hat at the poker table, figuratively speaking of course. In 2012, he performed his greatest trick yet in winning the World Series of Poker’s Big One for One Drop for a whopping $18,346,673. The event featured 48 of the best poker players and top business executives who all anted up the $1 million buy-in. When the final card was dealt, and Esfandiari realized he had just eliminated Sam Trickett in second place, pandemonium ensued.

“I dedicate this bracelet to my father,” he said, in the post-match interview only minutes later, and just a few feet from the table. He was draped arm-and-arm by his brother and father. When asked how it felt to win such an enormous haul? “It’s better than sex,” he replied. Definitely one of poker’s most exciting moments.

Reverse psychology at its finest. Heads-up with Kevin McBride for the 1998 world championship, Scotty Nyugen uttered one of the most famous lines in poker history. The five community cards were showing a full house (8 9 9 8 8), but the five-time bracelet winner was holding a very deceptive nine in his hand. Nguyen stood up, took a big swig of his beer and said, “you call, it’s gonna be all over, baby!”

After a few seconds of deliberation, McBride responded with, “I call, I play the board.” And like that, it was all over.


5 of Poker’s Most Exciting Moments

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